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Adam Barnes

Is Crytek's third Crysis the best, or is it all show? Find out in our Crysis 3 review.


Published on Feb 22, 2013

Put simply, Crysis 3 is mundane. It probably doesn't seem it looking at the visuals, but as a game there's very little holding it all together.

There's no doubting Crysis 3 is a good quality game; Crytek has put a lot of effort into crafting a visually arresting shooter, that's guaranteed.

Crytek just seems to have forgotten to put the game in there.

But first, the graphics. Even on Xbox 360 this is one of the best looking games of the generation; on PC, it's next-gen before it even begins.

There's no denying that it makes the experience all the more entertaining: the visual awe of navigating these gorgeously crafted and uniquely designed areas never waivers.

Well, until the final level that is. That section is unnecessary, ridiculous and uninspiring. In keeping with the series at least, if nothing else.

Best of all is the openness to these environments. It's not quite as open-world as the original Crysis but the scale is huge all the same.

Initally you're funneled through corridors in the first level, but once things start going the environments really begin to feel open with what seems like multiple tangents or diversions.

Even if you're choosing overt confrontation, you'll only survive if you make use of the stealth cloak and bow.

The truth is, though, that this isn't quite the case; there are barriers of some form in each level and if you like to search the worlds of your videogames then you'll soon begin to spot the limitations in its design.

And if you're hunting for those collectables and intel, you'll find these barriers all the more.

The openness does affect the gameplay in two ways, one positive and one negative.

The freedom to explore a situation as you see fit should always be praised, and Crytek has handled it well with Crysis 3.

In a similar fashion to Batman: Arkham Asylum, you'll battle through individual areas, each a contained instance in their own right.

With Crysis 3, however, you'll be given the option to tackle a group of enemies however you please: silently takedown individual soldiers, run in guns ablazing or simply sneak through them completely.

Thanks Crytek, for giving us the choice.

The trouble is, these environments are a little too large now. It worked in Crysis because it was open-world, it was much easier bypassing situations if that's what you wanted.

The bow is hugely overpowered: one-shot kills and invisibility means few things can get in your way.

In Crysis 3 you're forced into overcoming the obstacle, whether you want to or not.

If you're playing in a stealthy fashion this is even more of a pain, because if you're forced into combat and end up dying you'll need to repeat the whole process again - which is a bugger when the areas are so large.

The best example of this openness is actually towards the end, where you're given three objectives in a huge enivornment and the freedom to combat them however you wiish. This is what the entirety of Crysis 3 should be about.

You have the ability to tag enemies too, as you did in Crysis 2. While it is still optional, these environments are so large it takes much more work to track them. But it's a necessity just to avoid getting spotted.

And you will get spotted. A lot.

Unfortunately the AI hasn't had much work done to it from the issues in Crysis 2. While they can better handle the superpowers of Prophet, they just as often throw grenades at each other instead of you. A hilarious but unforgivable flaw.

The worst part is their hawkeyed talent for spotting you. It doesn't matter how far the distance is, if you're in the line of sight of a guard they will spot you immediately.

This is one of the best looking games of the generation. Easily.

Should your stealth cloak run out in the middle of nowhere, your enemies won't be startled or surprised but will immediately open fire. No questions asked.

Crysis 3 might have next-gen graphics, but it doesn't have next-gen AI. Whatever that means.

And that's about all Crysis 3 does that's new - and in the grand schemes of things even that isn't that new.

Everything else is more of the same. This is Crysis, and for some of you that's all you needed to know. It's a visual spectacle, a showcase of polygons and textures but beyond that it's not much more.

In fact the best the game has to offer is over after the first couple of missions, and even those don't really provide much in the way of excitement.

Crysis 3 just becomes a slog of one arena after another, and though the nanosuit continues to keep you feeling like the superhuman warrior you are it still feels like more of the same.

In a lot of ways it's reminiscent of the Killzone series, where the second in the franchise was the more finely-honed game, building on the ideas set before it in the original.

This level is just one example of Crysis 3's uninspiring level design.

But much like Killzone 3, Crytek's latest Crysis is all show. It's more of the same and while it's enjoyable enough as a shooter, it doesn't really provide much new or compelling.

It's hard to really pinpoint what's wrong with Crysis 3, but then if it wasn't for the graphics there'd be very little reason to continue playing at all. It just feels mundane.

It's enjoyable at its core, but that's not enough. We need a bit more originality from our games, and if we don't acknowledge that then the next-gen of gaming is going to be very depressing indeed.

Crysis 3 is proof that a good quality game crammed with fancy graphics is enough to see you through to the end, but you still need a little more depth if you're going to truly appreciate it.

As much as we're loathe to admit it, FPS games need a little more spectacle outside of the graphics. We're not asking for more explosions or Michael Bay levels of action, but all shooters need a bit of showmanship if they want to standout.

And Crysis 3 doesn't do a good enough job of that.

Version Tested: Xbox 360


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Final Verdict
If shooters are your 'thing' then you'll undoubtedly get at least the expected amount of entertainment out of Crysis 3, whether you play it with stealth or action. But there aren't enough standout moments for a game as good looking as this, and that's the biggest shame. It's almost a waste of the tech. Stick to Far Cry 3 instead.

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7.0 /10
A gorgeous looking shooter that's just more of the same. Fun for what it is, but lacks a little something.
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