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Alex Evans

NowGamer goes hands-on with the Xbox 360 version of Dead Space 3 - check out the video of the latest footage.

Published on Jan 16, 2013

Dead Space 3’s first surprise is that it’s not Dead Space. Not purely, anyway. Between the dynamic cutscenes, the linear progression and the endless expanse of snowy blizzard you’d be forgiven for thinking Visceral have been playing Uncharted 2.

But nailing bizarre head-squid bodysnatchers and slowing down time to shoot between the gut-ripping blades of a massive drill while necromorphs scythe into your flesh? That’s pure Dead Space.

The second sequel from the freshest horror IP in years does a lot to set itself apart from its predecessors. Having crash-landed on a freezing expanse of alien planet, Isaac Clarke’s first sight is of nothing at all – just the endless whiteness of a snowstorm.

One grapple with a falling truck later (press LS! Press A! the game screams while the camera pans around the scripted action), and Isaac’s suddenly confronted with an (alien) sun-drenched courtyard and a big, badass, snow-camo tarantula which rips him from the lift he entered like tuna from a metal sardine-holding container.

The next section is more claustrophobic fare. A confined corridor sees a decapitated head/squid monstrosity burrow into a rotting corpse and take control of it, replacing its head with its own and reanimating it into a shuffling nemesis.

Unlike most necros, it takes headshots to kill them - anything south of the neck sees the sickening creatures forage across the ground for another corpse to call home. It’s sickeningly ingenious and classic Dead Space.

Stasis (slowing down time with Y) is put to good use on a 50ft spinning drill – slipping bullets between its whirling blades takes precision, even in slo-mo, and requires the right balance of shooting for its shut-down trigger and defending from swathes of pacey, dangerous enemies.

Dead Space 3 promises a mix of old tropes and new tricks, mingling its trad horror stylings with more open, action/adventure elements. Whether it has enough scares to satisfy horror hungry fans remains to be seen, but it has variety in abundance.

How it stands up beyond the demo level – and how it feels in co-op - will be explored soon, so stay tuned to NowGamer.

For now, Dead Space 3 is still looking hot - even if it leaves some fans cold.



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Summary: We venture through a fresh, snowy section of Visceral's latest action-horror effort
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