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Paul Walker

Does Dr Luigi provide the medicine to revive the ailing Wii U? Read out Dr Luigi review to find out.


Published on Jan 17, 2014

Why does Dr Luigi exist? We get that it’s the year of Luigi and everything, and goodness knows we understand the poor guy’s got it tough living in Mario’s shadow, but what is it that Dr Luigi is offering us?

At a base level, the answer to that question is Dr Mario.

A variety of coloured pills drop down from the top of the screen, à la Tetris, and your goal is to line them up with viruses of the same colour in order to make them disappear. 

In short, Dr Luigi is a version of a game that you’ve played a thousand times in various different guises. 

Dr Luigi Review: Why does Dr Luigi exist?

So, we ask again, why does Dr Luigi exist? Why would you want to fork out £14 when you could just buy Dr Mario on the 3DS eShop for a fraction of the price? 

Failing that, you could dig out your Game Boy and play Tetris on that, pick up Tetris splash on the Xbox 360 for a few quid, or buy any myriad of the hundreds of puzzle games that you can get on a smartphone for pocket change.

Nintendo has suggested that Dr Luigi is a radically different prospect than what’s come before, because this game has L shaped pills, unlike those boring un-L shaped pills in Dr Mario. 

Sorry, no. That’s not enough.

Dr Luigi makes no effort to provide anything but the bare minimum. It has its standard mode, a Dr Mario-like version of the game that lets you use the gamepad and online multiplayer.  

Aside from those basics, Dr Luigi offers little else. As such there's nothing that makes it stand apart from any other game in the Tetris linage.  

Dr Luigi would make a fine addition to a larger collection of mini-games, but, on its own, at that price, it feels like an anachronism. 

Dr Luigi Review: The Wii U Gamepad


It must be said that Dr Luigi isn’t bad, per se. While it might be a game you’ve played many times before, it works just fine. 

In fact, a few rounds of Dr Luigi can be pleasantly relaxing and putting a successful set of moves together, or working your way out of a diffcult situation, very rewarding.  

Yes, Dr Luigi is essentially the latest in a long line of Tetris clones, but the reason there are so many in that ilk is because the core concept still works and, as such, will provide some fun. 

There are also positives to be found in the oddly satisfying tactility that you’ll get from using the Wii U gamepad’s touchscreen to drag and drop pills in Dr Luigi’s Germ Buster mode.

Dr Luigi Review

If nothing else, you know exactly what you’ll be getting from Dr Luigi – a slightly spruced up version of Dr Mario. If you’re mad on those kinds of games, then you’ll find a solid version of that game in Dr Luigi. 

The issue when it comes to Dr Luigi is that, for most players, Dr Luigi fails to offer enough to justify the price of admission. 

Let’s hope Luigi has something to round off his year in more fitting style, because if Dr Luigi is it, that will be sorely disappointing.      


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Final Verdict
Dr Luigi feels like it should be part of a mini-game collection rather than a stand-alone release. It's a solid example of the Tetris-like puzzler, but doesn't do anywhere near enough to justify the price of admission.

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4.0 /10
Dr Luigi is a solid example of the Tetris-like puzzler, but doesn't do anywhere near enough to justify the price of admission.
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