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DiRT 3 Monte Carlo DLC Pack


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Chris McMahon

Yet another example of a poor approach to DLC from Codemasters.

Published on Jul 15, 2011

There’s no denying that Codemasters fumbled its DLC plans following the release of DiRT 2. Fans were promised a number of small DLC packs over a course of months, but what they got was two measly offerings.

The Trust Fund and Access All Areas packs that did nothing but unlock tracks and vehicles already included in the game. It’s surely the worst kind of DLC – that which puts a price on something you can get for nothing.

With DiRT 3, Codemasters has learnt its lesson. Indeed, the moment you boot up the game an irritating American voice will direct you to the add-on content section of the menu, declaring the addition of new DLC as and when it’s released.The Power And Glory car pack was recently added, and it’s now been bolstered with the Monte Carlo rally pack.

The eight stages offered take place on the twisting routes between frosted Alpine villages, and fans of vintage rally will instantly recognise courses like the legendary Col de Turini – one of the most famous Special Stages in the world.

Indeed, it’s for such hardcore rally fans that the Monte Carlo pack has ostensibly been made, as in real life these are incredibly narrow and technical routes littered with hairpin turns and dangerous corners.

They all take place on tarmac, but a dusting of snow and ice makes speeding down thin roads with a cliff face on one side and a sheer drop on the other an experience at once exhilarating and incredibly demanding.

According to Codemasters this increase in difficulty was the reason for releasing the tracks as DLC and not including it in the main game. It wanted the pack to be an option for hardcore enthusiasts, while ensuring that the DiRT Tour of the main game didn’t become over-challenging for casual players.

But something about this excuse doesn’t fly. Sure, the Monte Carlo tracks are hard, but they’re not that hard, and there’s no reason they couldn’t have appeared at the back end of the DiRT Tour.

What it really feels like is a chunk of the game that’s simply been held back for post-release, to bulk up the DLC package and make up for past mistakes. For 400 Points this would feel just about acceptable. For 800 it’s a waste of money for anyone but true hardcore rally fans.


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Final Verdict
It's a poor showing of DLC that feels more like content ripped off the disc than anything else.

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5.0 /10
Unless you're a hardcore DiRT 3 player, you'll probably want to avoid this.
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