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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review


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Ian Dransfield

Traveller's Tales latest Lego game mixes Batman, Superman and Flash Gordon into an open-world. Does it succeed? Find out in our review.


Published on Jul 4, 2012

You’d be forgiven for assuming Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is more of the same from Traveller’s Tales – the Lego studio. Co-operative Lego action, either two-player or with AI and the ability to switch who you’re controlling, with some smashing things up and solving simple puzzles until you’ve either finished it or are bored of collecting Lego studs.

You might turn it off and move on to something else, already bored of something you’ve seen done many times in the past. Which would be fair enough, we suppose, but if you just hold out until you get in the Batmobile, you’ll see why DC Super Heroes is a return to form for a format that had become somewhat stale in recent years.

It’s not huge, it’s not comparable to GTA IV, but it’s open-world. Controlling Batman, Robin, Superman and about 50 other characters as you run, smash, repair, use different powers and generally muck about is good, solid fun.

In any other game it would be fair to gloss over the voice acting, maybe pointing out that Nolan North is involved, making a pithy comment and moving on.

But it’s fair to take some time to highlight the VO work in DC Super Heroes, as it’s the first time Traveller’s Tales has used vocal talent in a Lego game. And yes, one such voice actor is Nolan North.

To the Batcementmixer!

It’s actually pretty solid, with Batman bridging the gap between Bale and West admirably, Superman sounding… well, like Superman should and – even though it’s not Mark Hamill – the Joker is on top form. Plus Clancy Brown appears as Lex Luthor, and we love Clancy Brown.

So it’s a game that has spread its wings somewhat and taken a few risks, including an open world as it does. It’s imperfect, it doesn’t feel much like a living city so much as a Lego playground – probably no bad thing – and it can be pernickety and inaccurate at times. But generally speaking, on a technical level it’s good.

If you have no interest in playing a rather simple game that involves a hell of a lot of collecting studs, though, you’re not going to be impressed.

On the other hand, if you’re ten years old, a parent or a person with a soul, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in Lego Batman 2. We’re happy with it, we’re impressed with the route the developer has taken, and we’re going to go now and play some more.


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Final Verdict
Doesn’t fix all the problems of the Lego games in one fell swoop, but adds enough of interest to make it relevant again. There’s so much heart put into the game that it’s pretty impossible to dislike, actually, warts and all.

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Warner Bros
Traveller's Tales
Action Adventure
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8.0 /10
More Lego, more open-world and more Batman. Oh, and Superman.
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