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The Amazing Spider-Man Review


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Ian Dransfield

The Amazing Spider-Man does whatever a common man can. Find out what we mean in our PS3 review.


Published on Jul 2, 2012


It’s easy to let your judgement get the better of you, especially when it comes to superhero games. The Mighty Beenox has presented us with a Spider-Man game that allows us to glide through Manhattan Island with gay abandon in the way that only Spider-Man could.

It’s exhilarating at times, prosaic at others and generally a pleasant experience. But it doesn’t make The Amazing Spider-Man a good game. Regardless of it being what everybody talks about all the time when it comes to Spider-Man games, it isn’t the most important factor.

No, the most important factor is the rest of the game – web-swinging is a factor, no doubt, but when it’s backed up by a game that just doesn’t feel exciting in any real way, it’s a factor that’s bludgeoned into irrelevance.

Beenox has taken more than a few cues from Rocksteady’s Batman games – and this is not a bad thing. If you’re going to be inspired from somewhere, be inspired by the best.

The most obvious source of said inspiration is the combat, which sees Spidey taking on multiple foes at once, easily flowing between each aggressor with punches, kicks, flips and a plethora of lucha libre-inspired manoeuvres.

Throw in the spider-sense dodge mechanic, which couldn’t be more like Arkham’s if it tried, and you have a solid base for a combat system. Unfortunately, this solid base begins to crumble under the weight of a flaky targeting system and a camera that, a lot of the time, just wants to look ‘over there’.

At no point was the game hard enough to render us a dead spider as a result of its mechanical failings, but that doesn’t make the irritation any less irritating.

And difficulty is another big point to make: The Amazing Spider-Man doesn’t offer much of a challenge. Yes, you can up the difficulty, but even then there’s nothing that requires true skill. Why is this a bad thing?

Because it makes the game boring, of course. And that’s a problem that leaks through to other areas: the story is dull, the missions are bland, the action is repetitive and uninspired; even the combat – solid as it is – becomes tiresome quickly.

The Amazing Spider-Man is by no means a bad game, but it does nothing to elevate it beyond the level of also-ran. And it’s absolutely nowhere near as good as the Batman games it tries to emulate.



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Final Verdict
Fun in short blasts and sometimes exhilarating to navigate the city, but The Amazing Spider-Man is still washed down the spout by the fact that it’s dull. It’s just dull. It’s not terrible, it’s certainly not great, but it could offer a distraction for those finished with Arkham City.

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6.1 /10
Pales in comparison to Batman: Arkham City.
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