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Ian Dransfield

Escape Plan on PS Vita is great, and you'll love it it, but only when it comes together. Get it?

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Published on Feb 29, 2012

Escape Plan hurts us, it really does, but it's not bad. In fact, it's really good. For just shy of £10 Escape Plan is well worth it and we recommend it to all PS Vita owners. But again, it's not perfect.

It's true that Escape Plan has flaws. It sometimes lets us down, but we'll forgive it (did we mention the whole 'just shy of £10' thing?) because it's just worth forgiving. 

The controls, while simple and easy to use, can be inaccurate. Generally this doesn't matter, but when precision is necessary - when you need your little escaping chappie to not walk off the end of that platform to certain death - and the controls stop you from succeeding, it is frustrating.

When Escape Plan's obstacles kill unfairly, which they do sometimes, it is frustrating. When the game is inconsistent with punishments and lack thereof, it is frustrating. But that's focusing on the negatives, which is entirely the wrong thing to do in such an enjoyable Vita debut from Fun Bits.

Escape Plan follows a simple path of complexity, in that it's a very straightforward difficulty curve of puzzles. You start out getting from one place to another, then you're timing your walks, then you're double-tapping and hitting a sprint.

Mind your step.

Then you're navigating a floating Lil or Laarg, then you're timing the spin of a fan while counterbalancing the lift you need to use to escape but if you raise it too high you will kill one of your little chaps and well, you get the point.

Layer upon layer of complexity is ladled on, but you always feel ready for it - even if you aren't always good enough, quick enough, dextrous enough to breeze straight through.

The game is controlled almost entirely away from the traditional 'hard' controls, using only the analogue sticks to move the camera. Other than that it's an intuitive mix of the Vita's touch and tilt mechanisms and - aside from the aforementioned inaccuracies that pop up - it works well.

Easy enough for most to pick up as close to immediately as could be hoped, it's certainly a way to remove barriers to entry. Even if the difficulty slaps up a few more barriers of its own. Imperfect but certainly not lacking, for just shy of £10 - did we mention that? - Escape Plan is near-essential. 


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8.1 / 10
Final Verdict
Some genuine irritations and a few flaws hold it back, but the parts of Escape Plan that work properly (i.e. ‘most of it’) are brilliant. It’s good fun, testing both your problem solving and manual dexterity, and it makes good use of Vita’s controls.

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PS Vita
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Sony Computer Entertainment
Fun Bits Interactive
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8.1 /10
A very different sort of puzzle game. And great.
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