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Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition Review


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Daniel Cairns

One of the greatest games of all time is back - read our Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Turbo Championship Edition review to see why.

Published on Feb 28, 2014

Resident Evil 4 is a decade old, and is still the best game ever made. Sure, some people would say Dark Souls (because Christ, nobody bloody shuts up about Dark Souls) but they’re wrong.

When’s the last time you suplexed a monk in Dark Souls?

For those unaffiliated - and if you are still unaffiliated, you’re a moron - Resident Evil 4 was the videogame version of Dylan going electric for the first time.

It took Resident Evil’s survival horror gameplay, stuck the camera behind the player, and let you go hog wild at a bunch of mad Europeans with increasingly brutal weapons. It proved hugely influential, and a bunch of other (lesser) games followed its template.

Let’s get the cosmetic stuff out the way first.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition - The Best Version Ever?

Ultimate Edition is a pretty nifty spruce up.

You can still tell it’s a 10-year-old game, but there’s an upscale from the versions released on consoles a few years ago. You can choose between new HD textures and the original ones, and there is a noticeable difference.

Most importantly, it floats on by at a locked 60 frames per second. It runs beautifully, Leon’s ludicrous fringe flopping away without a hitch in framerate. It is breathtakingly floppy.

Does this make it the best version of the best game ever? It depends on your perspective. The Wii version could still be it, thanks to the brilliantly implemented wiimote controls, but if you’re one of ‘those’ people that moan about framerates, this might be the version for you.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition - One Of The Best Games Ever?

Most importantly though, Shinji Mikami’s masterpiece is still as good as it ever was. Subsequent entries in the series never bettered it.

Resident Evil 5 replaced the knowing madness and ‘gameyness’ with realistically named guns and shunted in co-op. Resident Evil 6, though unfairly maligned, went all Uncharted (like everything else), leading to control getting taken away from you at points, while shoehorning in button mashing QTE setpieces that are a chore to play.

They both got rid of the merchant too. Heinous.

Resident Evil 4 never goes overboard with its QTEs, and most importantly, revels in being a daft videogame. There’s no pretention here, no clumsy Ken Levine style attempt to be something ‘more.’ Resident Evil 4 knows its station, and it’s a station filled with plump head detonations, men hiding in ovens and little mutated Napoleons. Resident Evil 4 excels because of its pacing.

Throughout the 15 to 20 hour game, there’s never a moment of boredom. There’s always something happening, some new challenge awaiting. The game throws scenarios and setpieces at you, but unlike the aforementioned Uncharted games (which always feel like you’ve got someone forcing you along and directing), you approach things how you want to. It’s never not great fun.

It’s funny too. The dialogue sounds like it was written by Japanese men that learned their English from repeated viewings of Commando, so essentially it’s still the best written game ever.

It’s a nice reminder of how things were before DLC ruined everything too.

All the extras are present and accounted for, like Separate Ways, Operation Ada and The Mercenaries; extras that would probably cost you a fiver or a tenner each to unlock nowadays.

Heck, the item inventory is almost a game in itself too. It’s easy to take ages making sure Leon’s implements of destruction are all arranged nicely, because Feng Shui is important when deciding how best to blow a Spanish peasant’s head clean off.

Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition Review

For the price it is, Resident Evil Ultimate Edition is a no brainer. Fifteen pounds for a single player experience that still takes elephantine dumps on basically everything that followed in its wake and a whole bunch of extras? No question.

Though Capcom sadly never bettered it, they should take solace in the fact nobody else did either. It’s highly advised that you take the plunge and writhe in its cage of torment yet again. Stranger.

(PS… R.I.P Mike)

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Final Verdict
The heartwarming tale of a secret agent and his epic struggles against Rasputin, Bennet from Commando, Predator, Napoleon and the President’s randy teenage daughter is just as brilliant as it ever was.

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9.0 /10
The best game ever running at 60 frames per second at a third of the price of most new games? Oh go on then. Resident Evil 4 hasn’t aged a bit.
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