EA Sports 'Looking To Publish Indie Games'

Tom Hopkins

EA Sports will consider publishing games by indie studios according to Senior Vice President Andrew Wilson

Published on Jul 27, 2011

EA is heading further into the digital and casual markets with a revamp for download service Origin and the acquisition of PopCap. EA Partners meanwhile continues to publish games by third-parties such as Crytek, Double Fine, American McGee and Suda51 - so would a sports game potentially get the same treatment?

"Absolutely," Wilson told NowGamer. "I think one of the challenges we face is we're a product of our own success. Because we've generated such leadership in the sports genre, when four guys in a garage are thinking about building something, competing with EA sports is not top of their list. I think with iOS, Android, Facebook and tablets we're now in a place that's probably unique, where for the first time in 16 years four guys in a garage can build a great new IP related to sports that could definitely co-exist within the EA Sports brand. In all honesty, we encourage it and we'd love to hear it."

Wilson confirmed that EA Sports would consider publishing an indie sports title "if it lived up to the EA Sports tenets of authenticity, competition and social interactivity." Wilson added that he'd told people on his team "to empower the community to start developing sports games, because EAP [EA Partners] has had some great properties that came from smaller developers that grew into amazing IP and game experiences, and EA Sports wants to foster that as well."

Social interactivity is a big area for EA a the moment - Wilson previously told NowGamer he views EA Sports' Football Club as a sporting MMO.



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