Modern Warfare 3: 'Quick-Scoping A Matter Of Taste' - Bowling

Tom Hopkins

Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling regards quick-scoping as one of the elements that makes Modern Warfare 3 unique

Published on Jul 19, 2011

Saying it's coming back would be weird as it never left Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare 3 will include the controversial exploit which upset so many Modern Warfare 2 gamers.

Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops meanwhile did away with the practice altogether. Speaking about the return of quick-scoping to this year's Call of Duty game Bowling told NowGamer: "Saying it's coming back would be weird as it never left Modern Warfare, so we're sticking to what we've always designed our gun balance to be like. Which is very different from the direction other games are going in."

Bowling added that each Call of Duty developer puts it's own spin on the franchise, with things like quick-scoping just one of many things that create a different feel between games.

"What I like, is currently in this franchise, we're in a state where each Call of Duty developer has its own personality, [has] done cool things, and taken the franchise in different directions. It's not a case of "Black and white" or "Good and bad"; it's about different tastes of the same style. I think that's a good thing."

Modern Warfare 3 is aiming to get back to the 'gun-on-gun' action of Call of Duty 4 - we'll be able to judge for ourselves when it hits PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 8 November.



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