Crytek: DirectX 11 'A Graphical Game-Changer'

Tom Hopkins

CryEngine's global business director Carl Jones thinks DirectX 11 is the key to a revolution in videogame visuals

Published on Jun 28, 2011

We really see the next five years as being a major renaissance in graphics creativity
Crysis 2 recently received the DirectX 11 ultra update which brings with it a number of new visual effects and along with the huge 1.7GB high res texture pack improves the look of the game.

"The beauty of DirectX 11 is it’s a door into a renaissance for graphics programming. We’ve put features in that make sense for Crysis 2 that we were able to do without extensive amounts of research, ideas that we’ve been bubbling away with for a couple of years that we knew eventually the hardware would be capable of," Jones said in an interview with NowGamer.

Crytek is hugely excited about future applications of the technology. "There is so much more we can do now – we’re really looking forward to the new research projects that we’re establishing that are only really possible under DirectX 11 and potentially next generation hardware."

Asked if DirectX 11 wasa game-changer, Jones answered: "Undoubtedly. It gives your graphics engineers, your rendering approaches so much more freedom. We’ve barely scratched the surface on what can be written directly to the GPU now with the new languages. In terms of visual fidelity and simulation - as you’ve probably seen, there are some amazing physics rendering demos that are being showcased."

Next-gen would seem to be inevitable if the evolution of PC technology is anything to go by. "We really see the next five years as being a major renaissance in graphics creativity, where we should be seeing stunning things that maybe we’ve only ever seen in films before," concluded Jones.

Look out for more from NowGamer's Crytek interview throughout the week.



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Crytek: DirectX 11 'A Graphical Game-Changer'
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