Crysis 2 DirectX 11 'First Next-Gen Game' - Crytek

Tom Hopkins

Crytek's Carl Jones thinks the DirectX 11 patch for Crysis 2 will make it the first true next-gen game

Published on Jun 23, 2011

It really is amazing. It's the best looking CryEngine demonstration and game that we've ever made

Crysis 2 is expect to get the DirectX 11 patch for PC versions of the game imminently. "It really is amazing. It’s the best looking CryEngine demonstration - and game - that we’ve ever made," Jones, Director of Global Business Development for CryEngine said in a recent interview with NowGamer.

DirectX 11 adds numerous visual enhancements, but Crytek is going a step further with its patch. "There are a couple of things we’ve invented which are unique to Crysis 2 and CryEngine, " explained Jones. "There are things that everbody does, like tessellation for example. There are features that we’ve been thankfully able to bring back, that were not friendly to consoles. So we’ve been able to put those back in for the high-end. And a couple of surprises that people won’t have seen anywhere else."

Crytek believes that DirectX 11 is the key to the next-generation of graphical effects, although most features have only been utilised in tech demos so far. "We’ve not seen them in-game yet – I think the first game where you’ll see the next-generation capability will be Crysis 2, because all the high-end stuff from other guys has only really been in tech demos," added Jones.

So the Crysis 2 patch will give gamers a glimpse at the next-generation of games? "We would hope so," Jones confirmed.

He also added that the patch was coming soon - it's rumoured to arrive next week.

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