Castle Crashers Dev Keen On iOS Development

Tom Hopkins

Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth would like to work on iOS development more in the future

Published on May 4, 2011

iOS is a great platform for indie devs
Castle Crashers was an Xbox Live exclusive for soem time before heading to PSN last year. The indie developer recently released freebie game Super Soviet Missile Mastar on iOS but is working on bringing its next project, Battle Block Theatre, will also be a digital download for consoles.

"iOS is a great platform for indie devs as development is fairly inexpensive and the rewards potentially huge," The Behemoth's Kelly Revak told NowGamer. "We’ve seen a number of games get their start on this platform and then branch out to console gaming. Our Super Soviet Missile Mastar release was us just beginning to dip our chicken toes into iOS development. This is something we’d like to pursue more depending on our resources and various projects."

For more on The Behemoth and Battle Block Theatre, check out the full interview.



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Castle Crashers Dev Keen On iOS Development
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