BioWare: We Want Call Of Duty's Audience

Simon Miller

The Canadian developer sees similarities between COD's progression and Dragon Age's foundations

Published on Feb 8, 2011

They'll play Call Of Duty but they don't necessarily associate that as an RPG
With Dragon Age II’s release imminent, senior producer Fernando Melo feels the sequel has far more reach than Origins, even potentially attracting the same kind of crowd that flocks to gaming’s biggest franchise, Call Of Duty.

Speaking to NowGamer Melo said: “We have data that shows there are a lot of people that enjoy playing RPGs although they won’t necessarily call them RPGs. They’ll play Fallout, Assassin’s Creed and even Call Of Duty, which have these progression elements – you’re putting points into things – but they don’t necessarily associate that as an RPG. So we think that if we expand that out we’ll attract a much bigger audience.”

There’s certainly logic in his thinking, and with individuals who failed to be enticed by BioWare’s original epic actually being swayed by the sequel – not to mention the upcoming demo giving gamers a chance to sample its goods first – there’s every change Dragon Age II may succeed in this goal.

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BioWare: We Want Call Of Duty's Audience
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