Next id Tech 5 Game An 'Action FPS'

Tom Hopkins

MachineGames is making a first-person shooter with id Software's Rage engine, according to job postings

Published on Jan 26, 2011

The title is an "action FPS"
MachineGames, based in Uppsala, Sweden was formed by founding members of Starbreeze, the studio behind The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay and The Darkness.

According to job postings on the Zenimax site, the creative team will continue working in the same genre, describing its as-yet-unannounced title as "an action FPS".

We are excited to create a new AAA title for gamers on id Tech 5 that will push the game development envelope," said MachineGames CEO Jerk Gustafsson when the outfit was acquired by ZeniMax in November.



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Next id Tech 5 Game An 'Action FPS'
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