'FIFA Is More Like Ping Pong' - PES Devs Smack-Talk FIFA 15

Adam Barnes


PES 2015 better be able to back up these claims, otherwise it could look rather silly.

Published on Aug 28, 2014

There's always been a rivalry between FIFA and PES, but in this increasingly PR-driven industry that's taken something of a backseat.

So it's great to see these PES 2015 developers take on FIFA 15; hopefully EA Sports will feel the need to retaliate and we can have a classic PR war like the good old days.

"Personally, I think we're far better when it comes to shooting and goalkeepers," said Adam Bhatti, PES European brand manager when asked about what PES 2015 offers over FIFA 15. "Our gameplay is going to be more realistic."

Klaus Garner, assistant producer on PES 2015, added: "We have a game that lets you play real football; you can play counter-attacking, possession, long-ball... which you can't do in the other title, where it's more like ping-pong."

Bhatti then said that "FIFA is all about scoring goals, they want to get you to that moment.

"That's not a bad thing, a lot of people just want to be able to score goals and have their lobbed-through ball work every time."

Bhatti admitted that PES has "made a mistake" in the past by trying to stand out as the "connoisseur's football game".

"We still are that," he added, "I think we've proved that with our understanding of the sport in this presentation. At the same time as being the connoisseur's game we don't want to end up excluding people.

"In real-life Schweinsteiger with the ball in midfield wants to hit a ball to Klose, and in that case the other team's midfield will block out the passing lanes and the defence will push out.

"That makes it really hard to make that pass to him, very rarely will a lobbed through ball work - but that's exactly what you can in FIFA."

Bhatti then added that they want to be "different", and to allow you to "play how football is played in real-life".

Finally Bhatti said: "The problem we've had is that that method is difficult and frustrating, so our challenge is to make the idea of playing real football a fun experience."

So come on EA, you're not going to stand for that, right? 



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