Why Alien: Isolation Lead Designer Favours The PS4 Version



Creative Assembly prefers the PS4 version of Alien: Isolation, and for a very interesting reason.

Published on Aug 19, 2014

These days it's hard to spend any time on the internet without someone arguing about bloody resolutions and frame rate.

So it's interesting to hear Creative Assembly's Gary Napper explain why he favours the PS4 version, with a reason that isn't simply 'better graphics, innit'.

While discussing the difference between last-gen and current-gen, Napper assured that the only difference is graphical fidelity; the dynamic AI of Alien: Isolation remains unchanged.

All the same, Napper then went on to claim the PS4 as his favourite platform for the game.

"My favourite version is the PS4 version – and I say that as a massive Microsoft fan – so to say the PS4 version is my favourite feels a bit weird," said Napper.

"The reason is – and it’s so minor – but we’ve made the DS4 to act like the motion tracker, so it lights up along with the radar blips and if the alien’s close-by it goes off quicker

"It adds so much immersion, when it’s all dark and your legs are lit up in your peripheral vision."

Napper added that when he first tried it he expected it to be little more than a "good gimmick", but "it genuinely is a very good feature".

Napper admitted that "we’ve got something specific going on with each of the platforms", but if you're interested in playing the ultimate, immersive Alien game it seems PS4 is the way to go.

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