DayZ Could Come To PS4 & Xbox One This Year

Adam Barnes


DayZ creator Dean Hall has suggested that the console version of DayZ standalone could be released this year.

Published on Jun 17, 2014

Dean Hall might have moved on to other things, but that doesn't mean he's not still considering DayZ either.

Though he's talked of a console version of DayZ for some time, it's yet to come to fruition. With that said, the PC version of the game remains the team's priority - but apparently we could see DayZ on console as early as this year.

"We've toyed around what to do with the console side of things," said Hall to Eurogamer. "I think a lot of manufacturers would like to do that kind of stuff.

"But I think we'd be doing a disservice to the manufacturers and to the community as well. We have to get the core aspects of the game finished before we commit to doing anything. Otherwise you make a big announcement and then you wait for six or 12 months."

So that suggests that Dean Hall and team won't wait long between revealing the date for DayZ on console and its actual release.

All the same, the PC version will be the big focus for the time being, with Hall saying the team needs to "lock down the core of what the game actually is now".

Hall did mention that the will need to "work with the console manufacturer" to get the strengths of either the PS4 and Xbox One and adapt DayZ to that.

"It's important for DayZ to evolve if it was on a console in a way that benefits console gamers. It could be [this year]," said Hall.

Hall also added that he's enjoyed the way both Sony and Microsoft is handling the PS4 and Xbox One, and adapting their business models to be more inclusive of developers' needs - like on PC.

"I'm pleased with the direction they're taking with their consoles," said Hall. "It really does feel like to me that they want to capture what I think is the magic of PC right now.

"And of course they do, because the benefits of it are massive."

Hall added that Sony had a little bit of experience with this iterative development stage with CCP's Dust 514, but that with the PS4 it has really opened the floodgates.

"It feels to me like they're like, we want this on our consoles. Sony has the experience with Dust with CCP, and cut their teeth with, how do we make the processes easier? How do we get these games out?

"And I think Microsoft are committed to it as well," added Hall. "So I'm cautiously optimistic, which is more than I would have said last year at E3."



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