'Games Nowhere Near Film' Says David Cage

Paul Walker


Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage says that videogames still have some way to go to catch up with film.

Published on May 20, 2014

David Cage is a divisive figure, one who often comes in for flak from critics who say he wants to be a filmmaker rather than a game designer.

That's not stopped Cage from continuing to compare his chose medium unfavourably to film, though.  

"My opinion is that we have nothing in games that gets anywhere near to a good film in terms of narrative or characterisation," Cage told Play.

"Games focus on simple themes and target a teenage audience. They could become meaningful.

"They could have the power to move a larger audience. But it would take new paradigms, a shift to privileging meaning over action," Cage explained.  

Cage still sees vast potential in the medium, however, a potential that he wants to see realised.  

"By far, videogames are the most fascinating medium that mankind has ever created," said Cage.

"They have a power to make you think in a way that films and books have not achieved."  

Cage wants to see creators continuing to experiment with games, saying that he'd like to see a videogame adaptation of one of The Bard's famous works.  

"I still think there should be games for all, games for different people who have different expectations.

"I wish I could learn and work faster, and have more courage to do more crazy things," Cage continued.  

"I try to explore boundaries. I believe you could make a very unique experience by doing an interactive Shakespeare play."  

Who knows, maybe Quantic Dreams next game will turn out to be an HD Shakespeare reboot on PS4.  



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