Titanfall: How To Fix 'Initializing' & 'Attempting Connection' Issues

Adam Barnes


Struggling to connect to a game of Titanfall? Try these solutions while Respawn attempts to fix the servers.

Published on Mar 11, 2014

Titanfall has now released been released for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC and, as you might expect, has been having some server troubles.

Most common among these Titanfall problems is becoming stuck at 'Initializing' and 'Attempting Connection' screens.

If you find yourself stuck on Titanfall's 'Initializing' screen then you may as well cancel the attempt and retry another connection.

The reason for this is because - when stuck on the 'Initializing' screen - no data is actually being sent from Titanfall to the servers, meaning you'd actually be left on the screen indefinitely.

The only solution is to cancel and repeat, hoping that you can manage to connect. This solution to Titanfall's 'Initializing' problem even comes endorsed by one of Respawn's developers.

Some gamers have also suggested repeatedly attempting to connect to Titanfall's servers. By repeatedly requesting a connection you may manage to finally connect with the server, bypassing the 'Initializing' step entirely and getting you into the game.

We've had limited success with this, but it's certainly an option to try - letting off some frustration if nothing else.

As for the 'Attempting Connection' Titanfall problem, what you need to do is change the data centres that you're attempting to connect to.

While normally you would want to connect to data centres closest to you, switching the server you're connecting to will refresh the connection and help making that first connection go through.

If Titanfall continually cycles through 'Attempting Connection', then cancel, switch data centres and try again. It won't always work, but should help you get into a game sooner.

If you're having any additional problems connecting to a game in Titanfall, let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and we'll see if we can find a solution.



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