Titanfall 'Generation' Prestige System Details & Max Rank Leaked

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Details regarding Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 game Titanfall's leveling system and the game's maximum rank have been leaked online.

Published on Feb 21, 2014

Details regarding Titanfall's perks, maps, game modes and weapons were recently leaked online and this has been followed up with a leak of information relating to Titanfall's 'generation' system - the game's equivalent of prestige - and the maximum rank you can reach in Titanfall.

According to the leaked information, posted on NeoGAF, the maximum rank is likely to be level 50, after which players will have the option to 'regenerate' - Titanfall's equivalent to the prestige system in the Call of Duty games.

Once reaching level 50. players will allegedly be presented with the following text:

"Take me to generation"

"Warning! You will lose all that you have unlocked and be reset to level 1. All challenges will be reset."

"Years of battle have taken their toll. We can regenerate you... at a cost. Your body can be restored. But your memory and your experience...all will be lost. When you awaken you will respawn a [next level] generation Pilot. You will be better, sharper, acquiring experience even faster than before."

As with the prestige system in Call of Duty, players will be able to 'regenerate' a number of time - there will reportedly be ten generations in all.

The generation rank images that players will gain access to when regenerating were also posted online and can be seen below:



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