Titanfall PS4 & PS3 Versions May Have Been In Development

Paul Walker


PS4 and PS3 versions of Titanfall may have been in development according to what are alleged to be texture files found in the TItanfall PC beta.

Published on Feb 18, 2014

According to texture files allegedly found in the PC version of the Titanfall beta, PS4 and PS3 versions of Titanfall were in development. 

The texture files contain reference to 'Durango', the Xbox One's development code, the Xbox 360 and PC.

However, there are also references to the PS4 and PS3 in the files, meaning that Respawn may have been developing Titanfall for PS4 and PS3 before Microsoft managed to secure Titanfall as an Xbox One and Xbox 360 console exclusive.  

You can see the image, originally posted on NeoGAF, below: 



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