Xbox One 'Easily The Most Appealing Platform For Devs Like Us' Says Indie Studio

Ryan King


Indie studio No Goblin announces Roundabout for Xbox One and has nothing but praise for ID@Xbox.

Published on Feb 11, 2014

No Goblin has announced its debut game Roundabout will be released for Xbox One, before going on to praise ID@Xbox as 'easily the most appealing console platform for developers like us to release on.'

Car-crashing game Roundabout had already been confirmed for release on Windows, Mac and Linux and will now be heading to Xbox One as well, although no release date has been revealed yet.

No Goblin had nothing but praise for ID@Xbox, the indie development program for Xbox One.

"A huge thanks has to go to Chris Charla and Richard Rouse over at the ID@Xbox team for making what’s easily the most appealing console platform for developers like us to release on," No Goblin's blog reads.

"Diving into the Xbox One universe has been super easy for us, and Chris and Richard have been incredibly responsive and helpful in dealing with all of my old man game developer quirks. Personally, I think ID@Xbox is going to take a lot of people by surprise. We’re super honored to be included with one of the first waves of developers to release through the program."]

Worms Battleground and Nutjitsu were confirmed yesterday as two other ID@Xbox titles that will be among the first shipped.



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