PS4 Friends List Bug Caused By Firmware Update 1.6?

Paul Walker


Multiple PS4 users are reporting problems with the PS4's friends list, including the number of friends online, games being played and online status being displayed incorrectly.

Published on Feb 10, 2014

Multiple users are reporting problems with the PS4's friends list, saying that it is displaying information incorrectly. 

In a thread on Reddit, a number of posters stated that the number of friends that are displayed as being online on the PS4's home screen didn't tally with what they got when they opened up the friends list itself. 

In addition, many are finding that the games that the PS4's friends list says that their friends are playing are incorrect. 

Another common problem being discussed is that some PS4 users are always displayed as being online and can find no way to get the PS4 to display their online status correctly.

A number of those reporting the problems have said that they noticed issues with the PS4 friends list after downloading firmware update 1.6, suggesting that the latest PS4 update is the root cause of the issues. 

However, problems with the PS4 friends list displaying online information incorrectly seems to be intermittent for those who've experience the problems, so it's possible that the friends list bugs are not related to PS4 update 1.6 and that the issues just happen to have been picked up by those users after the update landed.



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