Wii U Sales Disastrous For Nintendo

Paul Walker


Nintendo has slashed forecasts on its profits as the Wii U continues to struggle against its competition in the form of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Published on Jan 17, 2014

Nintendo had previously predicted that they would be making a 100 billion yen profit at the end of the financial year, but have now drastically cut that prediction, estimating that they will, in fact, make a 35 billion yen loss.

These results are of course related to poor sales of the Wii U, which continues to sell disappointingly in the face of competition from the PS4 and Xbox One.  

Nintendo revealed that they had expected to sell 38 million games, but, in reality, is looking more likely to sell around 19 million.

"Software sales with a relatively high margins were significantly lower than our original forecasts," said Nintendo, "mainly due to the fact that hardware sales did not reach their expected level."

The Wii U has struggled to capture the imagination of the mass market in the same way that is predecessor, the Wii, did. 

The Wii U's headstart on the PS4 and Xbox One seems to have done the console little good and it's hard to see how Nintendo will turn the ailing consoles fortunes around now that the PS4 and Xbox One have been released. 



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