Will Xbox One Be Last Console? Microsoft's Phil Spencer Thinks Not

Ryan King


"Local compute will be important for a long time," says the head of Microsoft Game Studios.

Published on Jan 13, 2014

Microsoft's Phil Spencer doesn't believe that Xbox One will be the 'last console as we know it'.

The question was put to Spencer, the head of Microsoft Game Studios, on Twitter as to whether he thinks Xbox One will be the last console running on local hardware.

"I don't," Spencer replied. "I think local compute will be important for a long time."

The conversation then switched to talk about cloud streaming, which Microsoft has talked up as a big part of its Xbox One appeal.

"You can look at mobile, connected to faster networks, more cloud services but local power still increases each gen," continued Spencer. "Bandwidth caps clearly an issue, still believe [hardware and software engineers] working together will find local [hardware] scenarios critical."

But Xbox One has only just been released, so we've got plenty of gaming to go before we reach that point - and Xbox One has a few things that need to be fixed first



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