'The Division Delayed Until 2015' Claims Source

Paul Walker


PS4 and Xbox One title The Division could be delayed until 2015 if an anonymous Ubisoft employee is to be believed.

Published on Jan 7, 2014

According to an unnamed source that allegedly works as part of the team developing The Division, the eagerly anticipated third-person shooter is likely to be delayed until 2015. 

"The game engine works well, it is not clear but works well. Actual game development has barely begun, however," the source told GameReactor

"The fact that Ubisoft issued a 2014 release date seems laughable if I'll be completely honest, we will never have time to release The Division this year. This is a big project, we have very far to go."

The Division wouldn't be the first Ubisoft PS4 and Xbox One game to be delayed, with Watch Dogs, originally intended to launch in 2013, being pushed back until this coming Spring

At the time of writing, there is no official word from Ubisoft as to whether this rumour regarding The Division's delay has any merit. 



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