1 vs 100 Gameshows To Return To Xbox One

Ryan King


Microsoft has been discussing the return of 1 vs 100 style gameshows for Xbox One.

Published on Jan 2, 2014

1 vs. 100 might be gone but the idea of gameshows lingers on, as Phil Spencer of Microsoft Studios says they think they will bring the format back.

1 vs. 100 was originally launched in November 2009. Based on the TV show, it pitted one member against 'the mob' of 100, with prizes such as games and Microsoft Points for the winner. It was hosted live at a specific time during the week and proved a surprise hit.

Spencer was asked on Twitter if Microsoft Game Studios would do something like 1 vs. 100.

"I think we will," he replied. "Nancy Tellem [entertainment and digital media president of Microsoft] and I were discussing gameshows on XBL. 1v100 was a success for us. Prob not 1v100 exactly."

Hopefully we do see a return of that gameshow format - it's got a lot of untapped potential, especially when you consider Kinect is now part of the Xbox One.



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