Minecraft PS3 Release Date Announced

Paul Walker


Mojang announce a release date for the PS3 version of Minecraft and say PS4 and PS Vita versions are in the works.

Published on Dec 16, 2013

The developer of the PS3 version of Minecraft recently confirmed that the game was in testing, but Mojang have now confirmed that the game is ready for release and will be available on 17 December in the US via the PlayStation blog

While Mojang do not comment on an EU release date, news of a US release hopefully indicates that Minecraft PS3 edition will be on its way to these shores very shortly.

Mojang said that they can't give a release date for PS4 and PS Vita versions of Minecraft, but says that they will be coming "sometime next year".

Mojang confirms that the content to be included in the PS3 version is the same as that in the Xbox 360 and that all console versions will be "developed in tandem from now on".






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