PS4 Parts Being Sold Online By Foxconn Employees?

Paul Walker


eBay listings suggest that Foxconn employees could be selling PS4 parts online.

Published on Dec 5, 2013

Employees of Foxconn, who manufacture PS4s in China, could be selling PS4 parts online using services such as eBay.

Thumbsticks for the PS4 controller are available to buy from eBay and, tellingly, are shipped from Shenzhen in China, which is where Foxconn's largest factory is based.

Despite the listings saying that the parts are shipped from Hong Kong, images posted by a Reddit user who purchased the thumbsticks show that the package was actually shipped from Shenzhen. 

Foxconn has been repeatedly criticised in the past for its poor working conditions. Most recently, it was suggested that Foxconn were building PS4s using what is effectively forced labour.

Given reports of poor pay and working conditions, it wouldn't be a massive surprise if some Foxconn employees were trying to make a little extra cash by selling PS4 parts online. 



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