'PS4 PSN Game Prices Will Be Changed' - Sony

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Sony has commented on high PSN store prices for PS4 digital games, saying they will be adjusted before launch.

Published on Nov 27, 2013

Update: Sony has now changed the prices of PS4 digital games to match the Xbox One's prices of the same games, with £54.99 for third-party games like Call Of Duty: Ghosts and FIFA 14 and £52.99 for first-party such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack.

After criticism of high prices for digital PS4 titles on the PSN store, Sony has announced that the prices will be adjusted ahead of the PS4's launch. 

We recently reported on the disparity between the prices of PS4 games on the US PSN store and the UK PSN store, with UK customers being asked to a much higher price for the same games. 

EA's games were priced at a eye-watering £62.99, though they have since dropped their prices to £59.99.

Sony has now commented on the issue, confirming that prices will continue to be adjusted before the PS4's launch in the UK and Europe on 29 November.

"Although PS4 launches in Europe on the 29th November, we have switched on the European PSN early to test and make sure that features and functionality are fully operational for launch," Sony said, speaking to Eurogamer.

"However, as PS4 and PSN have not yet officially launched in this region, nothing on the PSN is final, including pricing on the store," Sony explained.

"You will continue to see some prices adjusted over the next few days in preparation for launch on Friday." 

Sony hasn't explicitly stated that prices will be reduced, but it would seem likely, given the massive disparity with US prices and UK prices for some of the same games on the Xbox One



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