Xbox One Error E100 Bricking Consoles After Downloading Update

Paul Walker


A number of Xbox One owners are reporting that their consoles have been bricked after downloading a day one update.

Published on Nov 22, 2013

A number of Xbox One owners are reporting that their consoles are being bricked after downloading the Xbox One's day one update. 

Those reporting the fault have said that they are getting an E100 error code after downloading the update. 

If you check Microsoft's Xbox One troubleshooting page, error E100 denotes the following: "This indicates that there was an issue while updating your hardware, and that you’ll need to submit your console for a repair."

There seem to be two separate issues that are being picked up by Xbox One users.

Some are finding themselves stuck in a loop when downloading the day one update, with the Xbox One saying, "it's time to update", then, "there was a problem with the update", before repeating the process over and over.

However, some are saying that this issue eventually resolved itself and the day one update was successfully installed.

When it comes to the error E100 problem, it seems that the fault is a more serious issue.

As of yet, there is no known fix for Xbox One's bricked by the E100 error.  

There have also been reports of bricked PS4s, although in that case, there seems to be a viable fix.



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