PS4 Has A 'Slight But Not Significant Lead' Over Xbox One

Adam Barnes


A survey commissioned by Ubisoft reveals that the gap between PS4 and Xbox One perhaps isn't that large.

Published on Nov 21, 2013

All we've heard for the last couple of months is how the PS4 is expected to smash the Xbox One in terms of sales, giving it a market advantage for the life of the console.

But a study recently commissioned by Ubisoft suggests that the lead the PS4 has isn't quite as significant as we've been led to believe.

9% of the 1,000 people surveyed claimed they planned to purchase a PS4 this year, while 13% planned to do so within the first 12 months.

8% planned to buy an Xbox One this year, with a further 10% planning on buying one in the next 12 months - suggesting the PS4 doesn't have too great a lead on the Xbox One.

However what is interesting is that the targeted audience of the survey was a wider, more mainstream market - rather than 'hardcore' gamers.

Only 14% of those surveyed currently have a PS3, while 17% have an Xbox 360. 43% had nothing in the way of a gaming device.

34% claimed to have never played videogames, while 18% said they played games less than once a month.

So this doesn't really clarify the lead the PS4 might have over the Xbox One. While it's true a mainstream audience might not have any particular brand preference, it is still quite likely that gamers still intend to plump for a PS4 this Christmas instead of an Xbox One.

What are you planning on buying?



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