PS4 Blinking Blue Light - Sony Explains How To Fix It

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Sony has released a troubleshooting guide explaining how to fix issues with the PS4's blinking blue light.

Published on Nov 18, 2013

Some PS4 owners are already experiencing issues with their new PS4's, with a commonly reported problem being that the PS4's blue light is repeatedly flashing and that the console will not power on or display correctly.

Some are already dubbing in the 'Blue Light of Death', or BLOD, in reference to the PS3's 'Yellow Light of Death, or YLOD. 

However, it seems that there is a way to fix problems with the PS4's blinking blue light and Sony has released a troubleshooting guide explaining how to do this. 

Sony are suggesting that you follow the guide if you are having problems with the blue indicator light blinking, you have no video or audio output to your TV, or the console is powering off after the light blinks blue. 

According to the guide, the issue will likely be related to TV compatibility, the PS4 power supply or the PS4 hard drive.

Sony report that some PS4 users have experienced problems with the PS4 displaying after updating the firmware on their TVs. 

One of the fixes suggested by Sony - essentially checking the hard drive is properly installed - has already been put forward as a working fix on reddit.

There have also been suggestions that some PS4's have faulty HDMI ports



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