'PS4 Overheating Rumours Are False' Say Developers

Paul Walker


Developers say that there are no problems with the PS4 overheating.

Published on Nov 5, 2013

A few rumours have emerged online suggesting that the PS4 is suffering from problems with overheating.

However, a number of developers how are working with the PS4 have spoken out to rubbish the rumours. 

"We’ve been using a bunch of dev kits. They’ve been on almost all the time, sometimes even over night," Secret Ponchos developer Yousuf Mapara told Dualshockers.  

"They’ve always stayed cool, never even gotten warm so It has never suggested the threat of a problem. We have had no problems with any of the dev kits throughout development," Mapara continued. 

Warframe developer Digital Extremes also commented on their experience with PS4 devkits, saying that they have never had a devkit overheat. 

Dualshockers also claim to have spoken to a number of anonymous sources who also stated that the PS4 does not have any problems with overheating. 

"As far as I know, the specs and cooling of the current dev kits are the same as the final retail consoles, and I never saw one getting any hotter than a PS3 or a Xbox 360," said the source.  

"Our consoles never had problems of that sort, and if you’re talking about that picture with the red line, I never saw something like that."

Let's hope that these statements prove to be true and that we don't see a repeat of the PS3's YLOD. 



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