PS4: Bluetooth Headsets Not Supported

Paul Walker


Sony confirms that bluetooth headsets will not support voice chat at launch.

Published on Oct 11, 2013

While Sony's Pulse PS3 headset will eventually be compatible with the PS4, it will not be supported at launch.

Speaking to Gameinformer, Sony has confirmed support for the pulse headset will be patched in after the PS4's release.

If you don't have a Sony Pulse headset, you might be out of luck, as it seems that PS3 bluetooth headsets will not be supported on the PS4 at all.

As with the PS3 Pulse headset, those which rely on USB for chat will have to wait for a future update to patch in voice chat support. 

If you have a headset that uses digital optical for audio, that will work; you just won't have the ability to use voice chat at launch. 

Bearing in mind that the PS4 will come with a headset included in the box, waiting for a patch for those who would prefer to use headsets they already own shouldn't be a major issue. 

Despite concerns that the PS4's rival, the Xbox One, wouldn't include a headset in the box, Microsoft has since confirmed that the Xbox One will indeed come with a headset



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