Pokemon X & Y: New Mega Charizard Form Confirmed

Adam Barnes


Pokemon X and Y fans will be interested here - there will be two Mega forms of Charizard, an X and a Y version.

Published on Oct 2, 2013

Pokemon X and Y has new Mega Evolutions - all Pokemon fans are aware of this now - but here's a new tidbit of information.

We already knew that Charizard would Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard, but a new revelation in the Pokemon Origins anime - which retells the story of Pokemon Red and Blue - suggests that there will be a new Mega Charizard form.

We've already seen a Mega Charizard, which retains the red skin of the original Pokemon, but now there's Mega Charizard X, a black version of Mega Charizard that breathes blue fire.

This Mega Charizard X is exclusive - as you might expect from the name - to Pokemon X, suggesting that the Mega Charizard we've already seen is Mega Charizard Y and exclusive to Pokemon Y.

As it stands there's no more news, but it does pose the question - just how many Mega Evolutions will have X and Y versions explicit to each version?

[via Serebii]



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