GTA Online Live, Hit With 'Failed To Host GTA Online Session' Errors

Ryan King


The anticipated multiplayer update for GTA 5 is rolling out now but 'Failed To Host GTA Online Session' errors are preventing access to the gameplay part.

Published on Oct 1, 2013

The much ancitipated update for GTA 5, GTA Online, is now rolling out across global regions on Xbox 360 and PS3 - but actually playing it is proving problematic.

We have the update ourselves on PS3 in the UK and while the character customisation is working, 'Failed To Host GTA Online Session' is preventing us from actually playing right now.

Another error message that frequently appears is 'Rockstar cloud servers are unavailable.'

It seems we're not alone. Users on NeoGAF are having the same problem, GTAForums have mentioned the opening race on GTA Online isn't working problem while GameFAQs members have mentioned frequent crashes.

And those who have made it as far as playing GTA Online are reporting that they can't save their progress.

With a game this popular, perhaps it was inevitable that teething problems would be a part of the GTA Online experience in the early stages. But is it acceptable? We'll leave that for you to decide.

We'll keep trying to access GTA Online now it's live and hopefully update with videos and impressions sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Although it's a little inconsistent, you can still access GTA Online beyond the character creator screen if you set up a solo session. Which is more… GTA Offline than Online we suppose but it'll do until the servers sort themselves out or Rockstar advise a better way of getting around the problem.



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