GTA Online 'Supports 32 Players'

Paul Walker


GTA 5's online mode, GTA Online could support 32 players, rather than the previously reported 16.

Published on Sep 23, 2013

Rockstar has previously announced that GTA Online will support 16 players. However, leaked XML files suggest that GTA Online could, in fact, support 32 players.

Crackers had allegedly accessed files from GTA 5 and leaked them online prior to GTA 5's release. It is from this leaked information that the assertion that GTA Online will support 32 players has emerged. 

GamingBlend claims to have access to the original files of the cracked version of GTA 5 and, in looking through those files, have found evidence in the Xbox 360's configuration setting that GTA Online will support 32, rather than 16 players. 

The files also turn up information on a number of GTA Online's game modes. 

These include: a freemode, deathmatch, team deathmatch, races,  and cops and crooks mode. If the files can be trusted, all these modes support 32 players.   

Rockstar has had to officially confirm whether GTA Online will support 32 players or not, although it seems odd that they would announce that GTA Online supports 16 players if the game can actually support 32.

Perhaps Rockstar is waiting to see how things go with 16 players before increasing the limit to 32. At this stage, we simply don't know.

If we can have 32 players, though, we would certainly be happy. 



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