PS4 Can Stream Games To Mobile Via PS App

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Sony announces that the PS4 can be used as a mobile game server

Published on Sep 19, 2013

Speaking at the Tokyo Games Show, Sony confirms that the PS4 is able to stream mobile games to tablets and smartphones, thus negating the need to download them onto your phone or tablet.

How useful this will be, we're not sure, but the fact that the PS4 is effectively able to operate as a server is interesting.

The Playstation App is also intergrated with the PS4 in a number of less surprising ways.  

Showing off the Playstation App, Sony's Shunei Yoshida demonstrated how the app intergrates with your PS4 friends list, showing off their recent activities such as purchases, what they are playing and videos that they have posted using the PS4's share function.

Yoshida also said that the Playstation App can be connected to the PS4 and used as a controller. It's likely that this means that the PS4 will include the kind of secondscreen functionality that Microsoft has been showing off with Xbox One and SmartGlass.

However, Yoshida confirmed that the Playstation App will not neccasrily be intergrated with all PS4 games. Some games will still have their own dedicated applications.  

During the presentation, Sony also confirmed that the PS4 will allow HDMI capture.



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