Pokemon X & Y: Mega Garchomp, Mega Mewtwo & New Fossil Pokemon

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CoroCoro reveals new information on Pokemon X and Y's new Mega Evolution feature.

Published on Sep 11, 2013

CoroCoro - a prime source for Pokemon news - has its latest issue released, and reveals brand new Pokemon X and Y details.

Mega Garchomp is the big information, with confirmation that Garchomp will be one of Pokemon X and Y's Mega Evolving Pokemon.

A Japanese reader posted the information on a forum, revealing that Mega Garchomp will have the ability Sand Force, but did not mention the typing.

Mega Mewtwo X - another new Mewtwo - is a Psychic/Fighting type and has the ability Steadfast. Also, apparently Mega Mewtwo is exclusive to Pokemon X. This means the previously revealed Mega Mewtwo will likely be exclusive to Y.

The information also suggests there will be two new Fossil Pokemon: Chigorasu - a Rock/Dragon type - and Amarusu - a Rock/Ice type. These are obviously not the Western name for these new Pokemon.

Chigorasu has a new ability Hard Chin that increases attack power for moves like Crunch and Thunder Fang, while Amarasus has the ability Freeze Skin, an ice varient of Normalise.

Two new Pokemon were also details. A Normal-type named Torimian, which is said to be a white dog and Nyaonikusu which is said to be a Psychic-type cat Pokemon,

Torimian has the ability Fur Coat which reduces damage taken, and apparently can have its fur trimmed to change the way it looks.

Nyaonikusu has two different appearances based on its male or female forms, which also affects with ability is has, which is either Keen Eye or Infiltrator.

The male version is more of a support, the female version is an attacker. The male version has Miracle Eye and is white. The female version has Extrasensory and is blue.

This CoroCoro also details some of the typing details for the Fairy-type. 

Fairy is Super Effective on Fighting, Dark and Dragon and not effective on Fire, Poison or Steel. CoroCoro also claims that Fairy is weak to Poison and Steel while resists Fighting, Dark and Bug. It is also immune to Dragon.

Additionally it seems that Steel has lost the resistance to Dark and Ghost Types that had previously been rumoured.

Lastly this issue of CoroCoro also details the evolutions of the starter Pokemon, with the names Gerogashira, Teerunaa and Hariboogu. Gerogashira is Froakie's evolution, Teerunaa is Fennekin's evolution and Hariboogu is Chespin's evolution.

Apparently these evolutions are all single-typed, while Gerogashira knows Jump, Teerunaa knows Psycho Cut and Hariboogu knows Mud Shot.

In other Pokemon X and Y news, another image has leaked onto the internet that seems to be a full list of the Mega Evolutions that will be available in Pokemon X and Y.

Until confirmed, treat all this as rumour.



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