Call Of Duty: Ghosts Trailer Defended By Community Manager

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Activision community manager Dan Amrich defends the game's bombastic trailer saying it is "in the realm of plausibility".

Published on Sep 11, 2013

The Call of Duty series is well know, some might say, infamous, for its over the top set pieces.

Call of Duty's attempts to constantly up the ante when it comes to these explosion filled, adrenalin inducing moments have led to mockery from some quarters as these set pieces increasingly stray into the unbelievable.

It was to the delight of those detractors then to find that the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer gave us Call of Duty, IN SPACE!

According to Activision community manager Dan Amrich, however, the scenes of orbital bombardment that we see in the trailer are not as ridiculous as some might expect.

"Telephone poles from space? It’s actually more science than science fiction," said Amrich, writing on his blog.

"The concept of kinetic bombardment – nicknamed in the science and defense communities as 'Rods from God' – has been used in sci-fi stories for years by authors," Amrich explains.

"But it’s also been seriously considered by the United States Air Force as a military strike that could create mass devastation without nuclear fallout," Amrich continues.

"In fact, long after IW had committed to the concept for Ghosts, a thread about the USAF’s Project Thor showed up on Reddit in May of this year, which simultaneously made people involved in CoD feel good about their game’s fiction and a bit worried that the 'catastrophic event' might leak." 

"Say what you will about its over-the-top gameplay and action-movie attitude," Amrich continues, "but Call of Duty still plays in the realm of plausibility."

Not seen the trailer that Amrich is talking about? Here is is:

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