"Fewer Games Being Funded By Publishers" Says American McGee

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American McGee says that a risk adverse environment is leading to fewer games being funded by publishers.

Published on Sep 10, 2013

According to Spicy Horse studio head American Mcgee, escalating budgets in the AAA game space are creating a risk adverse environment in which publishers are inceasingly reluctant to fund games.

"There are fewer games being funded by publishers," McGee said in an interview with NowGamer.

"The budgets for new console games have multiplied way beyond where they were in the last generation, so these guys are taking fewer risks on fewer titles."

McGee explained that this is increasingly leaving studios with little choice but to turn to croud funding platforms such as Kickstarter.  

"To turn round and say we just need a million dollars to make this smaller game for a smaller audience, there is no publisher out there funding that kind of thing," McGee said.

"They either make big bets or they don't make them at all. We either go to Kickstarter or we suck an egg.”

"If conventional means for funding aren’t viable for indie studios, asking fans to front the cash for a project makes sense," McGee continued. "It’s either ask for help from the people who buy the games or, simply put, don’t make the game."

McGee also called on gamers to think about how they can shape what type of games are being made, using sequels as a key example.

"People complain about this yet they continue to buy them, which sends the industry a signal 'Hey, make more sequels'," McGee explained.

"What type of industry do you want to shape? That's what's happening; the gamers are shaping the kind of games they get and the kind of industry that produces those games."

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