Pokemon X & Y Transfers From Black & White Confirmed

Adam Barnes


Even Nintendo can utilise the power of the cloud, and will use it to enable gamers to transfer Pokemon from Black & White to X & Y.

Published on Sep 4, 2013

Nintendo has announced Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter, a new cloud-based internet feature that enables gamers to transfer their Pokemon between games.

Game Freak and Nintendo had previously discussed that they had been looking into ways of transferring their Pokemon Black and White to Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon Bank is part of this solution.

Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter are two new downloadable pieces of software that can used for save transfer.

Using Pokemon Transporter it's possible to move your Pokemon from Black and White over to your Pokemon Bank.

Pokemon Bank is a cloud-based server that will let you store up to 3,000 Pokemon outside of your storage within Pokemon X & Y.

Pokemon Bank is a paid service, however. It is a long-term service that requires maintainence, says Nintendo, and as such there will be an annual fee.

It will be released on Pokemon eShop later this year and no price was given - however there will be a trial period where you can try this for free.

Pokemon Transporter is included when you purchase Pokemon Bank - in other words, if you want those Black and White Pokemon you've trained, you'll have to pay up.

New Pokemon X & Y Gameplay Video



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