PS4 & Xbox One 'Must Embrace Free-To-Play To Stay Relevant'

Paul Walker


Warface senior producer Wim Coveliers says that if PS4 and Xbox One wish to stay relevant, they must embrace free-to-play.

Published on Aug 21, 2013

Speaking at Gamescom, Warface senior producer Wim Coveliers has told NowGamer that he believes it is vital that the PS4 and Xbox One take free-to-play seriously. 

"I think its essential for PS4 and Xbox One to embrace free-to-play if they want to stay relevant," said Coveliers.

"I think we’re going to a model where you have these really big releases, that will still be there and that millions of people will still buy, but for the average game, especially new IP, that might not be the most valid way of getting your game out there anymore."

Coveliers told us that he wants to see more single player free-to-play games and that he believes developers should get over the temptation to just "make everything multiplayer" when it comes to free-to-play.

"I want to see single player free-to-play," said Coveliers. "I want to see how people do that."

"I think there will be some misteps and it will be difficult, but I think over time, as people embrace the free-to-play method, they will want to see other things than just multiplayer games," Covelier continued.

"I do think, and I’m pretty sure that the two console manufacturers realise this, that you have to embrace free-to-play. You can’t have the whole, 'go though 15 weeks of certification for every patch thing', that’s just not going to work.

"I’m looking forward to seeing what they are going to do and I’m already seeing that some steps are being taken to make this a reality." 



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