GTA 5: Rockstar On GTA MMO, 700 Missions & Graphical Differences

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Rockstar's Leslie Benzies has revealed the amount of missions you'll have to work through in GTA 5's online mode.

Published on Aug 21, 2013

Rockstar recently revealed GTA Online to the world, the separate entity that will launch around the same time as GTA 5 and act as the multiplayer component for the game.

But in an interview with Spanish website 3D Juegos, Rockstar's Leslie Benzies has revealed a few details on what we can expect from GTA Online's component.

Benzies revealed that there are currently 700 missions in GTA Online, adding that there are around 500 'always available'. Benzies revealed that Rockstar will be cycling through a large number of missions to keep them fresh at all times.

Benzies added that you will be able to visit the Rockstar Social Club to download more missions, tying into the player creation software built into GTA Online.

You'll be able to populate your GTA Online world with even more than those 700 missions with content created by your friends and other GTA 5 players.

Interestingly Benzies added that there are between 30-40 writers working just on the single-player missions in GTA 5 and another 30-40 writers working on the missions in GTA Online.

This will continue after the release of GTA 5 - and even GTA Online - as more content is created for the multiplayer component.

Speaking about the creation aspect of GTA Online, Benzies also revealed that Rockstar is starting only with deathmatches and races to keep the complexity down.

Benzies claims that Rockstar wants the learning process to be gradual, to better introduce the creation tools and enable more complex things - perhaps like your own missions - later on down the line.

The creation software will also allow you to change the difficulty of a mission - even mid-way through a mission - as well as elements such as weather or time of day.

A Clan Wars style system may also be coming to GTA Onilne, but not on launch. Benzies was cagey on the idea, and suggested that we would learn more about such a feature next year.

Benzies then went on to discuss the visuals of GTA Online, adding that - though often cutbacks are needed to be employed when taking an open world game like GTA online - this time Rockstar hasn't had to.

He added that he 'didn't know how they did it', but they did.

The only difference between GTA 5 and GTA Online's visuals, he claims, is lower resolution textures on the vehicles.

However due to the memory constraints of current generation consoles, Rockstar revealed that GTA Online was restricted to 16 players when it could have been 32.

But this is only the beginning for GTA Online. Though it ties into GTA 5 as a multiplayer component, it is separate and Benzies reveals that the ultimate goal is a GTA MMO.

Benzies claimed Rockstar has plans to turn GTA Online into a persistent online world with 'million of people to coexist'. A GTA MMO, says Benzies, is 'where we expect to arrive'.

Though GTA Online is the 'child' of GTA 5, says Benzies, it is nonetheless destined to become a fully-fledged game in its own right.

Rockstar's plan is to keep GTA Online on 'the path to a great MMO'.

That's about everything we could gather from the lengthy issue that isn't already known, but it all sounds pretty exciting to us.



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