GTA 5 Achievements And Trophies Revealed

Ryan King


Full achievements and trophy list for GTA 5 shows a few surprising gameplay elements in Rockstar's open-world game.

Published on Aug 16, 2013

The achievements and trophies for GTA 5 have been revealed.

The full list can be found at Xbox360Achievements, which has 49 achievements or trophies in total. They are spread across the single player and GTA Online, and there are a few hidden entries too.

Besides the expected achievements such as 100% completion or surviving the police on three stars, there are other surprising gameplay elements revealed by the list too - collecting spaceship parts and rally driving, for example.

It's hard to tell how difficult getting the full gamerscore or platinum for GTA 5 will be but for those thirsty for more info with just a month to go until the game's release, at least the achievements list yields more clues.



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