GTA Online Multiplayer Details - Player Creation, Customisation & Mini-Games

Paul Walker


The trailer for GTA Online, has dropped. We go through the details.

Published on Aug 15, 2013

The anticipated trailer for Rockstar's GTA Online has now dropped and it appears that the GTA Online is a seperate entity to GTA 5.  

The trailer introduces us to GTA Online's "living online world" which includes player creation, character customisation and content creation. 

GTA Online will be free with every copy of GTA 5 and launches on October 1st. 

GTA Online Multiplayer Details

  • "Dynamic and persistent" online world for 16 players
  • GTA Online will share gameplay features, geography and mechanics with GTA 5, but will continue to expand with new content created by Rockstar and the GTA community
  • Player creation and customisation
  • Ample opportunity to earn and spend money
  • Band together with friends to form a crew and undertake heists and robberies
  • Online competitive modes 
  • Earn money and reputation by completing jobs
  • Spend cash customising appearence, clothing, guns and vehicles
  • You can buy property and have your friends hang-out there
  • Buy a garage and fill it with custom vehicles
  • Race by land, air and sea
  • Unique characters populate the world
  • Content creator allows you to design your own races and death matches which can be share online



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