GTA 5's Multiplayer Livestream For Today's Reveal

Adam Barnes


Rockstar has announced the time for today's GTA 5 multiplayer reveal, and where you can watch it.

Published on Aug 15, 2013

Update: it is live, watch the GTA 5 multiplayer video now.

GTA 5's multiplayer component - called simply GTA Online - is set to be revealed today at 10AM EDT, or 3PM BST.

Rockstar has announced that you'll be able to watch the GTA Online reveal over on the bespoke GTA Online webpage created for the livestream.

There's nothing there yet, so don't expect too much.

Rockstar has previously teased great things for GTA 5's multiplayer, and the fact that it is named simply GTA Online suggests that it could be far more important that we expect.

Nonetheless, GTA 4's Free Roam was some of the best fun you could have with friends in multiplayer - so even if it's more of that we'll be happy.



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