Call Of Duty: Ghosts 'Is A Showcase For Next-Gen'

Adam Barnes


Activision believes that the next-gen graphics of Call Of Duty really show off what the consoles are capable of.

Published on Aug 2, 2013

We're all excited for next-gen and while we're all often excited for different reasons, the one truth is that we get to feast our eyes on pretty, pretty graphics.

Activision understands this and believes - however ridiculously that may seem - that Call Of Duty: Ghosts is the game to really show off what the PS4 and the Xbox One are capable of.

"Call Of Duty: Ghosts is a new sub-brand developed by Infinity Ward," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision, in a recent investor call, adding that it will include "an all new world, story, characters and experiences all powered by a new next-gen engine."

Hirshberg continued to discuss the excitement around Call Of Duty: Ghosts: "It's worth mentioning that Ghosts preorders are over double those of Call of Duty: Black Ops," he said, "which is the last time we launched a new sub-brand for the franchise.

"It's also worth mentioning that our other key engagement metrics from the number of people playing per month to the number of people playing daily to DLC sales, to video views, to community engagement are all significantly ahead of past years."

Finally Hirshberg revealed that Activision has "made substantial investments to make Ghosts a showcase for the next-gen consoles and also the best current-gen Call of Duty title ever."

Strong words, we're sure you'll agree. As it stands to us - graphically, at least - it seems like Call Of Duty: Ghosts has its work cut out for it.



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